Little Wellies Play & Learn

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Monday through Thursday 9AM – 1PM

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Our play -based curriculum is age appropriate for children from 2 to 5 years old.  Subjects include:

  • Language
  • Number Sense
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Social & Emotional Skills
  • Music
  • Art & Cultures

All subjects are adapted for each level of learning in order to keep it exciting without being overwhelming to younger learners.  Utilizing a flexible, child-led approach, this program allows a child to choose the learning activities that peak their interest so students at any level will thrive.

In the Language section, children will engage with language through a variety of formats to help them remember the alphabet and the correlating sounds each letter makes.  From crafts to get up and move games, this subject has something for every age and learning style.

Number sense is all about teaching the child confidence with numbers and math.  Rather than just teaching them how numbers work, we start by teaching them why numbers work.  We use hands-on materials to help the support of mental strategies down the road.  Ten frames and counters are made age appropriate for every child.  The students will be having fun with numbers through games and activities that are designed to help with recognition and retention.

To strengthen the students fine and gross motor skills, a wide variety of games are utilized to help students learn to cross the midline and increase their finger strength.  Children will be engaged in curriculum that utilizes both dance and small manipulatives.  Before even picking up a pencil to learn to write their name, they will be practicing correct pencil hold by playing games with pom poms and tweezers.

In the social and emotional section of the curriculum, students learn to articulate their feelings and express themself in healthy ways.  Through songs and activities, students will learn how to introduce themselves to others, help others around them and even refine their basic manners.

Music is for all ages and in curriculum students will listen and engage with music through games and activities.  They will learn vocabulary such as tempo and rhythm while playing basic instruments.  Music from multiple genres is presented to the children while they interact with the piece’s emotion and pace making it come alive.

Art for children is innate.  This curriculum takes a child’s natural curiosity for color and expression and gives them an outlet.  Process is prizing over product and children will learn to create utilizing many different mediums such as nature and their own bodies.  Children will learn everything from basic such as colors and color mixing to lines, textures and forms.  Culture shapes and molds our students in so many ways that it is important for our curriculum to acknowledge and celebrate the cultures around us past and present.  From far off places in our world to notable figures in our history, Amelia Earhart and Tibet will become known to our students through the wide arching scope of this curriculum.  Presented through stories and songs, the people and places introduced will come alive to the students.

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